Righteous Quest

Finn and Jake went on a mighty adventure in the Righteous Quest game! Help them complete missions, defeat enemies, and collect bonuses for a final win!

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About Righteous Quest Game

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Get your dose of adventure with the entertaining Righteous Quest game! Finn and Jake are wandering through the Land of Ooo and need your help to defeat all the evil forces! They hope to become the mightiest heroes, but that requires your assistance!

You need to support your friends while they try to get through the three levels of the game! First, they have to get the Enchiridion back, as instructed by Princess Bubblegum. Then, you need to help them fight ninjas as they recover the Tree Fort. Lastly, the final battle requires you to go into the Ice Kingdom and save Princess Bubblegum!

How to Play

Your main requirements will be to direct Finn and Jake around and keep them safe throughout their journey! To do that, you need to press the Right and Left arrows for movement. Also, if your characters have to jump over obstacles, press the Up arrow! Even more, throw snowballs at your enemies by pressing the Spacebar! Otherwise, they will shoot lightning at your friends, causing them to lose lives!

You will also notice that Jake has some special abilities that will help the team succeed quicker! For example, when obstacles are too high, you can elongate his legs! He can also fly over hazards when walking is not an option! You can activate these by pressing the Spacebar and holding it for a couple of seconds!

On the other hand, Jake can strike a super blow if you press the Z key! However, you need to acquire three Jake Tokens to use this!

What else you should know

Every now and then, you might stumble upon collectible items throughout the journey! You have to pay attention to the different tokens! They can guarantee you an extra life, bonus points, or a health refill.

Moreover, if you collect five Sword Stickers, you will unlock a bonus at the end of each level! Make sure to pay attention to all details, and help your friends win the game!

Also, remember to collect all the purple diamonds to improve your final score!

Finn and Jake have a fantastic opportunity to become the righteous heroes of all, and you can make this happen! They only have three lives, so take care along the way; otherwise, the game will stop! Channel your powers, and complete all the levels successfully!

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