Righteous Quest 2

Mighty challenges appear in the Righteous Quest 2 game! Help Finn and Jake complete all six levels, collect bonus points, and get badges along the way!

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About Righteous Quest 2 Game

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Finn and Jake's adventure continues in the Righteous Quest 2 game! The two admirable characters took their search for virtue to new destinations across the Land of the Ooo! However, they need your help to complete all the tasks!

Your role is to follow them through six different levels and ensure their safety! You have to defeat their enemies and collect bonus items! Their journey goes through places like The Candy Kingdom, the Lumpy Space, the Gauntlet dock, the Ice Kingdom, a Ninja Cave, and finally, Marceline's Chamber. So, protect your friends, get to the last destination, and defeat Marceline to win the game!

How to Play

You can move Finn and Jake across the road by pressing the Right and Left arrows! Every once in a while, obstacles will appear, and you have to jump over them! For this, use the Up arrow. When enemies are close, press the Spacebar and throw snowballs in their direction! Make sure to pay attention, since the characters have only three lives before the game is over!

More than that, some parts of the journey are too difficult to cross over! In such situations, you can employ Jake's special abilities! He can elongate his legs, or fly over obstacles when necessary! Specific flags mark these places. So, you need to stand close to them and hold the Spacebar to activate these powers!

What else you need to know

There are Hint Signs that give you extra help along the way! You also need to pay attention to different collectible items, such as Gems! They guarantee you bonus points for a better score at the end! If you manage to collect all five Giant Diamonds, the next level unlocks! Also, tokens as Health refills or Extra lives are useful if you want to succeed quicker! 

Even better, you can win awesome badges by just playing the game! To get them, you need to complete the challenges, and defeat enemies in each level! Once you get over all obstacles, you can even unlock mystery items! Therefore, prepare to show off your skills! 

Finn and Jake are close to becoming the most righteous heroes the Land of Ooo has ever seen! But with such title comes great responsibility! Help them achieve their goals and defeat their great enemies!

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