Bakery & Bravery

Explore the forest with the Bakery & Bravery game! Can you help Jake and Finn gather all the ingredients and bake pies for their friends at the Trunk Cafe?

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You'll have a blast with the Bakery & Bravery game if you have a taste for adventure! Joined by the unusual characters from the Adventure Time series, you are in for an exciting discovery journey. Are you brave and skilled with a sword? You'll need to put all your skills to good use to complete this challenge.

Welcome to the Trunk Cafe! Here, Finn and Jake are selling delicious pies to all of their friends, and some of the antagonists from the series. Some examples include Princess Bubblegum, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Flame Princess, and even the Ice King. However, Finn will need to hunt for the ingredients before baking any pie. Can you help him fulfill his customer's orders?

How to Play

Are you ready to start playing? Throughout the game, you will need to complete plenty of quests in four various and exciting realms. Each one of them features different terrain and many different types of enemies. Are you ready to explore forests, caves, mountains, and even a desert?

Let's play! In the beginning, Finn will find himself all alone in the great big forest. His goal is to collect all the ingredients needed for the recipes he needs to bake. However, there are plenty of enemies between him and all the items he needs. Can you defeat them? Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to move the protagonist. Attack by pressing the Up Arrow as fast as you can. Doesn't that sound easy?

Soon enough, you'll find out about the dangers of the forest! To begin with, you will need to move quickly. The land beneath your feet might crumble at a moment's notice. This will force you to restart the level and make you lose the goodies collected so far. Isn't that a shame?

There's more you should know!

Are you ready for a series of thrilling adventures? The Adventure Time characters have peculiar tastes and might ask for very exotic pies. Naturally, you will need to work hard to find the strange objects required for your quests. For instance, you will need to find a crown for Ice King's special order. Can you manage to fight your way through the forest and collect it?

The menacing enemies that lurk in the forest will certainly challenge your fighting skills. Some of them will even hit you from a distance. There are plenty of opponents, such as horrifying spiders, mean trees, strange jelly monsters. Are you ready to confront the terrifying Savius Foresta? He is the most dangerous creature you'll face in your adventures. Help Finn succeed in this challenging boss battle!

Combine baking with adventure! This game has a fun concept and plenty of adrenaline-filled challenges. Besides, you'll get to hang out with the quirky characters of Adventure Time. Stop hesitating and start looking for the elusive ingredients!