Apple Fetch

Finn and Jake are playing Snake in the Apple Fetch game! Help your friends collect the riches and eat all the fruits that lay around the platforms!

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About Apple Fetch Game

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Finn and Jake are going on a treasure hunt around the Land of the Ooo in the Apple Fetch game! They decided to try their luck and look for hidden gems, but they need to get back before the Apple Wedding! Because of this, Jake has taken up his snake form! He is now ready to get rich fast!

The gameplay resembles the famous Snake game! Jake has morphed into a long worm, and he is looking for treasures! Finn is riding on top of him, and you need to make sure they are safe!

There is a total of 45 levels you have to get through, each introducing new elements and challenges! Guide your friends around, and help them find the riches they so much want!

How to Play

You need to help Finn and Jake move around the platforms! To do this, use the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keys! They must collect all the treasures to complete the game and get to the next level! You have to be careful since your friends can go only in one direction! So, prepare a strategy at the beginning of each level, and complete it with ease!

After you pass the first level, you will see that apples and pineapples appear scattered around! They are a source of nutrition for Jake so he can continue the treasure hunt! Even better, apples help Jake become longer, and pineapples make him crawl faster!

You need to eat all the apples and pineapples in each level to get a perfect score! Depending on how many fruits you collect, you can receive one, two, or three stars at the end!

However, things only get harder as you advance through the game! Be careful not to run Jake into the margins or any other obstacles. If this happens, the game will stop, and you will have to redo the level! He can also get too long or crawl too fast if he eats all the fruits! Because of this, he can get tough to maneuver, and you might get stuck!

Finn and Jake are out again to look for new adventures! This time you need to help them get rich and do it fast! Get on board and play the Snake game to collect all the fruits and treasures!