Rumble in the Nightosphere

Peppermint Butler and Starchy are trying to save Cinnamon Bun in the Rumble in the Nightosphere game! Help them fight off skeletons and get home safely!

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About Rumble in the Nightosphere Game

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Peppermint Butler and Starchy are ready to fight off skeletons in the Rumble in the Nightosphere game! They went on an adventure down in the demonic version of the Nightoshepere to save Cinnamon Bun! However, things got out of control, and now, they are facing ferocious enemies! 

You need to help your Adventure Time friends and protect them from the evil minions! You can play on your own as Peppermint Butler or side by side with Starchy! Skeletons are crawling everywhere, so eliminate as many enemies as you possibly can! Do your best to save Cinnamon Bun and get them back to the Candy Kingdom!

How to Play

When you choose the single-player mode, Peppermint is floating around the Nightosphere, waiting for your directions! Use the Right and Left arrows to guide him where you want! To keep him in the air, press the Up arrow! In the double-player mode, Starchy will join you! To control his movements, use the A and D keys! Also, press the W button to keep him floating above the water! 

To kill skeletons, you have to land on their heads! Use the controls to fly above them and hit them with all your force! However, sometimes they wear helmets to protect themselves! In this case, you need to hit them twice, once to get rid of their protection, and a second time to eliminate them! Aim carefully and strike when they least expect it!

You also need to take care, as they will do anything to hurt your characters! Don’t let the evil minions touch your friends; otherwise, they will lose the balloons that keep them in the air. When they fall into the water, they lose a life! Try to keep them floating, since you only have three lives for each character! 

Peppermint Butler and Starchy are trying their best to save their friend, Cinnamon Bun. Join them and defeat all the evil skeletons once and for all!