Finn and Jake lost their camera phone in the Fight-O-Sphere game! Help them find it while fighting Nightosphere's demons and try to collect all the coins!

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About Fight-O-Sphere Game

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Finn and Jake are fighting demons in the Fight-O-Sphere game! Jake has forgotten his camera phone in the Nightosphere, and they have to take it back! However, this is not easy, as many dangerous things lurk around the lava kingdom! 

Your job is to help Finn and Jake find the lost item! They have to search all over the flaming platforms for it while demons come at them! You need to act fast so that your friends don't get hurt! 

How to Play

You have to help your friends navigate the mysterious pathway! To move them around, you have to press the Right and Left arrows! When they need to jump to higher rocks, press the Up arrow! You need to remember that Demons are out to get you! To defeat them, you have to sword fight! Press the Spacebar and destroy any potential threat! 

There are three types of possible enemies! The first ones are the Small Demons, which will attack your characters by touching them! Then, there are the Spear Demons, which use a weapon to damage your friends' health! Lastly, the Treasure Chest Demon will drop his coins once he's defeated! Collect as many coins as possible to get into the next level! 

What else you should know

You need to protect Finn and Jake and keep them from touching the demons! They only have three lives before the game ends! However, during their journey, they will find Hearts! You can collect them and restore your friends' health!  

Also, Finn and Jake have some aces up their sleeves to complete the game faster! For example, Jake can transform into a parachute and slow down when they are falling! Even better, you can use the hot air volcanos to reach all the high placed platforms! This way, you can collect more coins! 

Finn and Jake have to find the camera phone before the Demons get to them! You have to keep your friends safe and help them defeat the evil minions!