The Ice King messed with the pie-thrower in the NEPTR out of CTRL game! Help Finn and Jake clear out all food items and save Princess Bubblegum's seminar!

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Food is out of control in the NEPTR out of CTRL game! The Ice King messed with the pie-throwing robot, and it has now gone out of control! Finn and Jake took it upon themselves to fix it, but the pies never stopped coming at them!

You need to help the poor characters slice as many pies as possible!  Princess Bubblegum has to return to her seminar! Make sure her friends are safe and stop the Ice King's wickedness!

How to Play

Your friends need to clear the flying pies out of the way! To slice them apart, you have to use your mouse! Drag a line along each food item and send them into oblivion! If you cut them directly across the middle, you will earn more points! The more pies you destroy, the closer you get to the Tree House and the end of the level!

Pay attention to bonus items that might help you! For example, when you slice a clock, it makes time run slower! This allows you to destroy more pies! Freeing Gunter of his ice prison gets you more points! Also, cutting Tree Trunks makes a massive wave of pies show up on the screen. This helps you get to the Tree House faster!  

However, your job is not always easy! You better try to avoid any rotten pies! If you accidentally cut them, they will splatter on the screen, making it harder to see! Flaming pies are also very dangerous! They can burn Jake's hands at the bottom of the screen, and make your time run faster! When Jake's hands are no longer stretching, the game ends!

Finn and Jake have to save Princess Bubblegum's seminar and defeat the wicked Ice King! Help them clear out all pies so they can protect their friends!