Flambo's Inferno

The Magic Man spread coal all over in the Flambo's Inferno game! Help Flambo collect all of it and complete the puzzles before he burns them out!

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About Flambo's Inferno Game

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Temperatures are rising in the marvelous Flambo's Inferno game! Flame Princess left some coal behind, but Magic Man scattered it all over! Now, Flambo has to search around for it and collect as much as he can! 

Your job is to help the flaming character move along different platforms and gather all the coal that appears in his way! You must remember that some parts of the platform are volatile and can put him in danger! So, take all the coal you can get and escape before he gets hurt! 

How to Play 

You need to reach the Finish line before the place burns down! To move Flambo around the platforms, use the Right and Left arrows! Also, he sometimes needs to reach various heights! To get to different platforms, press the Up and Down arrows!

Each level is a puzzle, and many obstacles will appear to ruin your journey! For example, the wooden docks will burn after coming in contact with Fambo! When this happens, you lose parts of the platform, and Fambo can get stuck! Also, keep in mind that while fire doesn't affect him, water can kill him! 

What else you need to know

Along the way, you will find Critters that can help you on your journey! When doors block Flambo's pathway, you can use buttons to open them! Plus, Water Ballon Critters can help you put out fires! However, not all of them are useful! For example, be careful not to touch Rocket Critters, as they will blow things off! 

Even better, you can build a puzzle of your own! To do this, press the Build button in the Main Menu and start creating! The Level Builder lets you create any type of puzzle as long as it has a start, a finish, and some coal! Plus, go to the Shop icon and buy themed backgrounds, critters, and tiles to make it more interesting!

Flambo is very excited to finally have some coal for himself! You need to make sure he is safe during his journey and that his pockets are full! Pay great attention and unlock all the puzzles!

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