Solrock and Lunatone's Waterfall Fun

Play the Solrock and Lunatone's Waterfall Fun game, and have fun any time of the day or night! Collect element orbs and avoid waterfalls to earn points!

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About Solrock and Lunatone's Waterfall Fun Game

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Enjoy a new challenge during the day or night in the Solrock and Lunatone's Waterfall Fun game! Despite being friends, the two Pokémon barely see one another as they each have to float around at a different time of the day. However, that doesn't mean they can't play together, and the waterfall is their playground! Will you join the two in their fun new element collecting game?

Your main task in this game is to gather as many Solar Flares and Moon Beams as possible and avoid getting wet in the waterfall. The change between day and night will be quick and unexpected, so focus and collect the right element each time! Avoid the mini waterfalls and the restless droplets. Let the fun begin!

How to Play

You will only need your mouse or a touchscreen to complete this challenge. Click or tap the spot you want any of the two Pokémon to go. Collect Solar Flares in the morning as Solrock and Moon Beams as Lunatone when they exchange places day and night.

Watch out for the waterfalls or the wrong collectible. Each time you hit one of them, you'll have one less chance to complete the challenge. You can only make these mistakes three times before it is game over!

Don't worry, though! You gain another golden point every time you pick a Solar Flare or a Moon Beam with the correct character!

You can drop your collected items in the drop point in the shape of a moon or a Sun. The more you gather and wait to drop them, the more points you receive! You will get bonus points if you collect an equal amount of items with each character and put them in the drop point.

Now that you've learned all the tricks, will you manage to help the two Pokémon collect all the element orbs? You'll have to work day and night!