Maractus's Blooming Blossoms

Practice recognizing patterns with Maractus's Blooming Blossoms game! Can you spin the colored leaves quickly to create many matches in just 180 seconds?

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About Maractus's Blooming Blossoms Game

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Improve your swiftness and ability to recognize patterns in Maractus's Blooming Blossoms game! You have the chance to join the adorable Grass-type Pokemon and play with his leaves. They're all arranged in circles that you can rotate to create groups of four same-colored leaves. Start spinning and matching to see how many points you can score!

The game consists of a single 180-second round. Every time you play, the goal is simple: make as many matches as possible before the time runs out! Maractus will be by your side to give you helpful tips and encourage you every step of the way.

How to Play

Matching leaves in this game is so fun that you won't be able to stop! First, take a look at the fascinating pattern in front of you. Can you spot all the circles? Click on the center of any of them to make it spin clockwise.

The aim is to match the color of all four petals in a circle. Keep in mind that you can only spin the petal circles that you can see in their entirety! Therefore, you should focus on the center petals instead of wasting time trying to match the edges.

Once you get the hang of matching red and green petals, it's time to move on to other colors. Under normal circumstances, grey petals are unmatchable. However, if you make a lot of matches, you will enter the Power Mode. Now is your chance to improve your score! For instance, the grey petals will turn silver and can now be matched.

Besides, you'll also encounter yellow petals. If you manage to combine four in one circle, they'll prolong the Power Mode. Finally, rainbow petals can act as any color, making it easier for you to score points quickly!

There's more you should know!

Three minutes will pass in the blink of an eye when you're having fun! After the 180 seconds are over, you'll receive your final score and find out how well you did.

Get bonus points by matching multiple colors with just one move or acing the Power Mode! Besides, you also have the chance to earn trophies by achieving specific goals.

The more you practice with Maractus, the better you'll become at thinking on the go and recognizing patterns. Besides, the upbeat music and colorful design will surely make you smile!