Chingling's Ring Along

Don't miss out on Chingling's Ring Along game if you have a good ear for music! Can you ring the bells in time with the tune to play charming songs?

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About Chingling's Ring Along Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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Join an adorable Psychic Pokemon for a musical challenge in Chingling's Ring Along game! The whimsical creature has prepared the perfect test for any Pokemon fan who loves playing music. In the company of the talented Chingling, you'll learn about the importance of timing! 

The game consists of a series of levels that challenge you to play different tunes using the three colored bells in the garden. Each melody consists of four or more colored notes. Naturally, the red ones correspond to the red bell, and so on. Play all the notes in time to advance through the levels and become a master of music and Pokemon!

How to play the game

Don't worry if you can't play any instruments in real life! Luckily, you only need your cursor to prove that you're a talented musician in this challenge. Take a close look at the music sheet at the bottom of the screen! When the music starts, click on the bell that matches the color of the note at the right moment.

Each bell will light up when the timing is perfect, so you keep up with the rhythm. Use this visual cue to get an accuracy bonus and power up the power gauge on the right side of the screen. After a series of successful notes, the Three Part Harmony button will appear. Press it to earn 500 points and triple your score for a limited time!

However, make sure you don't mess up your timing! Every failed note counts in this game. When you reach ten mistakes, your run is over. Cheer up! The good news is you'll finally find out how many perfect notes you played. You can also see all the completed melodies and harmonies.

Any good musician needs to spend time training! Luckily, Chingling makes improving your musical skills seem like a fun adventure. Therefore, you'll spend hours in her garden filled with magical bells. How charming!