Magikarp's Ripple Reaction

Prove your quick wits and ability to think on your feet in Magikarp's Ripple Reaction game! Throw Pokeblocks to free the Water Pokemons from their bubbles!

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About Magikarp's Ripple Reaction Game

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Join one of the most fascinating Pokemons in Magikarp's Ripple Reaction game! Only the bravest trainers will dare to join Magikarp in his underwater world. However, if you decide to take on his underwater challenge, you get to give the Pokemon a hand as he rescues his friends! Are you ready to prove your wits in this thrilling challenge?

The game consists of a timed race where you aim to free Water Pokemon by using Magikarp's skill, the Ripple ability. Throw a Pokeblock in the water, then use the resulting energy waves to release as many of your friends as possible! Thanks to the immersive music and atmosphere, you'll become captivated by this underwater adventure. Give it a try!

How to Play

Put your doubts aside and start creating ripples right away! First, take a quick look at all the dark blue bubbles in the water. Find a group of many Water Pokemon, then click to drop the Pokeblock!

Next, you should focus on directing all the water creatures toward the ripple waves. Have you noticed that they avoid your cursor? Therefore, you can scroll around the water surface to guide them into the ripples. Each burst bubble will generate some waves of its own. As a result, you can create a chain reaction and clear up the entire board!

The tricky part about each game is that you only get three Pokeblocks, and you can only use one per level. Therefore, it's up to you to make smart moves to try and clear the water in each stage of the game. If you manage to do so, you'll receive an extra Pokeblock that you can use to get further in the game. How helpful!

What else you should know

If you're looking to improve your performance, try to find the Shiny Magikarps! You can recognize them by the sparkles that surround them. Free them using your ripples for a score bonus!

When you run out of Pokeblocks, the game ends. You'll get a bonus for each stage completed, the maximum combo made, and what Pokemon you've caught.

Even if you don't earn an impressive score at first, you'll want to keep practicing to reach the high score list and prove yourself as a Pokemon trainer!