Xatu's Quick Card Quiz

Become a master of memory games in Xatu's Quick Card Quiz game! Match the colored Apricorns and find the Poke Ball to clear all the cards from the board!

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Practice your memory with a classic puzzle in Xatu's Quick Card Quiz game! The inquisitive Pokemon loves to come up with puzzles that test the trainer's patience, intelligence, and skill. Do you think you're good enough to face one of his tasks? It is inspired by a classic memory game played with pairs of cards.

Xatu's challenge consists of a 60-second round where your goal is to find all seven pairs of cards as many times as possible before the time runs out. The faster you match the colored Apricorns, the more points you'll score!

How to Play

Before you make your first move, take a look at the board. There are sixteen cards, all of them turned face down. Click on two of them to turn them over! If they match, the pair will disappear from the screen. However, if they don't, you have to keep looking!

Remember that only two cards can be on the right side up at once! Therefore, you'll have to remember where you last saw that pink, red, blue, green, black, or yellow Apricorn. It's up to you to find a memorizing technique to help you! If you panic and click around chaotically, you'll only waste time!

If you want to maximize your scores, you should learn to make combos. Do this by using the Poke Ball to get a ton of points at once and reach the high score list!

More precisely, you have to find and match the two Poke Ball cards. Next, create a combo with two same-colored Apricorns right after to double all your points in that round. The trick is to match the two pairs one after the other without any errors. If you manage to do that, the result is impressive!

A minute can pass so fast when you're having fun! Although Xatu's challenge tests your memory, it's also a thrilling and even addictive challenge. You'll have a blast making as many matches and winning as many rounds as possible in just 60 seconds!