Togedemaru's Hop-to-the-Top

Play the Togedemaru's Hop-To-The-Top game and collect Berries with your Pokemon friend! Jump from branch to branch, grab fruit and avoid falling!

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About Togedemaru's Hop-to-the-Top Game

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Gather funny tasting Berries with your new Pokemon companion in the Togedemaru's Hop-to-the-Top game! The adorable squirrel Pokemon is always a little hungry, and gathering Berries for a quick snack is one of his favorite activities! He hops around in trees and munches on funky Berries all day long! Will you join him in his daily shenanigans?

Your goal in this game is to help your little friend jump from branch to branch as he gathers Berries to munch on later! It's easy to have fun when you jump high and discover new types of fruit with crazy flavors! No time to wait! Togedemaru is one step ahead of you!

How to Play

Become a master hopper by only using your mouse! Click to jump high and land on a different branch! The leaves aren't in a straight line, so to move Left or Right, you'll need to use your arrow keys or click and hold on either side. Collect all the Berries in your way and bring a happy smile to your Pokemon friend's face!

Be aware of the leafless twigs in the trees! When you land on one of them, quickly bounce off onto another, more sturdy branch! If you don't do it in time, Togedemaru will fall off, and it's game over! Avoid it at all costs and keep your companion in the air as much as possible!

If you need a little boost between the high jumps, or just a little help reaching another branch, use the falling leaves! You can jump onto them one after the other and collect the Berries hanging in plain air! Once you get the hang of it, you'll find your way to the top!

Are you ready to collect all the Berries and feed the adorable Togedemaru? Hoppity-Hop together to the top of the trees!