Inkay's Topsy-Turvy World

Play Inkay's Topsy-Turvy World game and explore the underwater world! Help collect Poke Puffs and avoid dangerous surfaces by switching directions!

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About Inkay's Topsy-Turvy World Game

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Explore the underwater world with your new Pokémon friend in Inkay's Topsy-Turvy World game! One of Inkay's favorite activities is to venture below the surface of the water and discover the wonders of new and uncharted territories! Besides that, he has found an abundance of Poke Puffs there, and he'd love to eat them all. Will you join Inkay in his adventure underwater?

The world below the water's surface can be dangerous. Your job in this game is to protect Inkay by constantly switching the direction in which he floats and avoiding surfaces that could damage him! Don't forget about his sweet tooth and collect all the Poke Puffs. Get ready to discover a whole new place!

How to Play

The only tool you need is your mouse or a finger on your touchscreen device! Click or tap to switch the direction of Inkay's floating. It doesn't matter if Inkay's on top or the bottom! Your friend shouldn't stay still, or the edge of the screen will catch up, and the game will end! Avoid the terrain and float safely along flat surfaces.

You can collect Poke Puffs to increase your score. The individual ones will only offer you one point, but the bunches will give you way more! The further you travel and the more Poke Puff you collect, the higher your overall score.

There are a few surfaces you should avoid. Try paying attention to the Suction Gaps as they will pull Inkay away. The Crumbling Rocks are only safe to move upon for a short time before they fall, so get off them quickly! You can also jump over some obstacles by touching the Bubble Bouncers.

Now that you are an official explorer of the underwater, will you become a part of Inkay's journey? Hold your breath and swim through dangerous waters!