Chesnaught's Spiky Shield

Play the Chesnaught's Spiky Shield game and be a knight in shining armor! Rotate the shield all around the Pokemon and protect him from incoming danger!

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About Chesnaught's Spiky Shield Game

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Step in to protect the spiny-armored Pokemon fellow in the Chesnaught's Spiky Shield game! Although Chesnaught is one powerful companion, he knows he can always count on his friends when in danger! That's where you step in, like a knight in shining armor! Take charge and keep Chesnaught safe during his adventures!

Your main task in this game is to move Chesnaught's shield and protect him from incoming danger! Be careful and avoid all the big rocks, powerful blasts, and sharp missiles! When in doubt, use the big shield! Are you ready to fend off every obstacle and defend your companion?

How to Play

You will only need your Left and Right arrow keys or certain motions on your touchscreen device to play this game! Rotate the spiky shield around Chesnaught and stop any dangerous item from reaching him! Try to block and not let any obstacle pass the dotted line, or it will be too late!

You must pay special attention to the two bars at the top of your screen! One is the Health bar, which will go down with every hit Chesnaught gets. The other bar is the Power gauge. Once filled, it will release an overall shield that blocks everything coming your way!

Each object comes at a different speed and does more or less damage. For example, the rock is slow but will do a lot of damage to Chesnaught! Oran Berries will also come your way, but you shouldn't block those because they will help fill your power meter!

Now that you know how to protect your companion, will you join your Pokemon friend in his battles? Your shield is the most important!