Turtwig's Target Smash

Play the Turtwig's Target Smash game and show everyone your impressive aiming skills! Throw balls and destroy all the targets before the time runs out!

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About Turtwig's Target Smash Game

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Send out powerful energy balls and set a new record with your favorite companion in Turtwig's Target Smash game! Turtwig loves a good target practice game, but it's never too late to switch it up! You cannot miss this fun activity if you want to show off your aiming skills! Now with targets of all sizes and colors and multiple obstacles!

Your job is pretty simple in this one! Throw a well-timed and powerful energy ball at the targets and break as many as possible in a limited time! You can earn many points by breaking them in one shot, so make sure your throws are aligned and strong! No time to waste! Are you ready to take on this challenge with Turtwig?

How to Play

The only tool you need to destroy those targets is your mouse. Click and hold the Energy Ball button to aim your shot at the targets. The dotted line will show you the exact trajectory of your throw. Once you are satisfied with the distance and power of your throw, release the button to launch your energy ball and break the targets.

There are multiple types of targets for Turtwig to break! The red ones value less than the green ones. Then the golden ones have the highest score attached to them! However, there's a catch! The green and gold ones have a timer and will disappear in a few seconds if you don't hit them!

Try not to forget there is a time limit in which you can hit all these targets! You must break all the possible targets before the timer runs out, or it will be game over! You can keep track of it by looking at the clock on the right side of your screen!

Now that you've mastered the art of aiming and breaking targets, can you tackle this Turtwig's fun challenge? Time for some destruction!