Pokémon Pulse

Play the Pokémon Pulse game, and test your skills under pressure! Match the element orbs to your Pokemons and pop the wrong ones to keep them energized!

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About Pokémon Pulse Game

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Help your Pokemon companions fill up with energy and excitement in the Pokémon Pulse game! Everyone needs a little buzz to start having fun, and the lovely creatures we came to love are no different! You cannot miss this game if you like testing your focus and ability to multitask! What do you say? Are you up for a challenge that will keep you on your toes?

Your goal in this game is to make sure the energy bubbles that reach your Pokemon companions match their type. You need to try and avoid the dangerous bubbles so they won't harm your friends and take away from their health. It's not easy to keep track of, but if you concentrate, you can make your Pokemon's day!

How to Play

You will only need to use your mouse for this challenge. Follow the rows of bubbles as they appear and click on the ones that don't match your Pokemons' elements. If the wrong orb touches your companions, they will lose energy.

Amongst the element bubbles, you will find Danger bubbles as well. They're easy to notice as they're very dark and gloomy. If those hit your Pokemons, their energy will go down a lot, so avoid it and pop them early on!

There's an energy bar at the top left corner of your screen. The energy will slowly run out if your Pokemons get hit by the wrong element or a Danger orb. It fills back up whenever your companions receive the right bubbles! When the bar is empty, it's game over!

From time to time, a random perk orb will appear amongst your element bubbles! It can give you more Danger orbs to deal with, switch your Pokemons' places or transform all the bubbles into the right element for your friends! Click on it to activate it, and be quick to adapt!

If you feel prepared to face the challenge, step right up! Let's get some energy and be ready for the next Pokemon adventure!