Swirlix's Cotton Candy Catch

Play the Swirlix's Cotton Candy Catch game and enjoy the fluffiest dessert! Move your stick around to catch the cotton candy and avoid the toxic smoke!

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Join one of the fluffiest Pokémon in making a delicious dessert in Swirlix's Cotton Candy Catch game! Cotton candy is everyone's favorite! It's so soft and sweet! However, not many people know how to make it. Let Swirlix teach you how to create the most impressive ball of cotton candy! Are you ready to catch all the sweet cotton candy and break the record?

Your only task in this game is to catch the flying cotton candy and avoid the smoke from the machine! Don't forget about the power-ups! You cannot miss this game if you're a fan of fun challenges and the sweetest desserts! How big will your cotton candy ball be?

How to Play

To make this dessert, you only need your mouse. Click and hold to move your cotton candy stick around. Collect as much cotton candy as possible even as you get further away from the cotton candy machine. Try to make your cotton candy ball bigger than all the Pokémon in the region!

Puffs of smoke will come out of the machine from time to time! Avoid running into it when collecting cotton candy, or it will take away one of your lives! You can only hit the smoke two times before it's game over!

You can pick up power-ups as you're collecting the cotton candy! The Tornado will blow your cotton candy and smoke in one direction, while the Straw will protect your ball for a few seconds! If you grab the Orange Cotton Candy power-up, the cotton candy bits will grow, and you'll receive extra points!

So now that you know how to make this dessert, will you accept Swirlix's challenge? Give it your best for the fluffiest sweets in the Pokemon world!