Shiftry's Big Seed Fling

Play the Shiftry's Big Seed Fling game and take on a new challenge in nature! Choose and throw a seed in the air, then tap to bounce it higher each time!

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About Shiftry's Big Seed Fling Game

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Learn a fun new activity in nature with your leafy Pokemon friend in Shiftry's Big Seed Fling game! Shiftry is a big, tree-like fellow who spends most of his time in the woods! Playing with seeds and bouncing them off his branches into the sky is his favorite thing to do! He even challenges other Pokemon to do it, but no one has ever beaten him! Will you be able to do it?

Your goal is pretty simple in this game. Grab a seed, throw it in the air and keep tapping it to see how high you can get! Make sure it doesn't fall on the ground! The falling leaves will immediately come to your aid and boost you up, so collect them all!

How to Play

The only tool you'll need in this game is your mouse. Click on the seed to throw it, then click again whenever you want to make it bounce up into the sky. Try not to let it get too low or fall, or the game will be over! You need to keep it in the air as much as possible!

You can select the type of seed you throw! There are three types, which vary in size and weight. Depending on how big or heavy they are, you can adjust your taps and keep them flying!

You may collect some of the falling leaves during the game. The green ones will fill in your bounce meter one by one, while the red ones will shoot your seed high up in the air. Gather them by touching them with your little grain or clicking on them!

The bounce meter displays ten leaves. You can only tap your seed and launch it higher many times. Once it runs out, your grain will fall. But don't worry, you can replenish it!

Now that you've mastered the technique of seed bouncing, can you beat Shiftry's challenge? His leaves are shaking with anticipation!