Escape from Gengar's Mansion

Play the Escape from Gengar's Mansion game and find a way out of the haunted house! Don't match directions given by Ghost Pokemon, and clear the stages!

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About Escape from Gengar's Mansion Game

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Find a way out of the haunted Pokémon house in the Escape from Gengar's Mansion game! Oh no! You are a prisoner inside a Ghost-type Pokémon mansion, and you must escape! You found a letter with instructions on the ground from another Pokémon trainer! This letter is your way out! Can you leave the spooky house and beat Ganger's challenge?

Your focus in this game is to escape the mansion by beating the four stages put together by the Ghost Pokémon! You cannot miss this game if you are a fan of timed challenges that require your concentration! Don't forget that some Pokémon in this house will try to help you! Keep your eyes on the arrows and do the exact opposite!

How to Play

To have a fair chance of beating this challenge, you can use your mouse or keyboard! Click or press the arrow key that matches the opposite of what the Ghost Pokémon show you. For example, if Gastly shows you the Up arrow, you will click the Down arrow. Do this as many times as necessary to clear the stage!

Pay attention to when Pumpkaboo is on the screen! He's the only one that will show you the right direction! So if Pumpkaboo shows you the Right arrow, you will press the matching one. His keys should be green so you won't miss them!

You must complete the four stages to escape the mansion and receive extra gifts, such as wallpapers! Each level is more challenging than the previous one as it contains a different Ghost Pokémon, more non-matches, and different time limits! You can even take the game to another tier by completing the Challenge Stage!

So now that you know what not to do, will you be able to master this challenge? Time to leave this haunted mansion behind!