Deerling's Season Slider

Make matches and experience the four seasons in Deerling's Season Slider game! Connect long lines of tiles to unleash the power of the cutest Pokemon!

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About Deerling's Season Slider Game

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Don't miss out on Deerling's Season Slider game if you think you're an expert puzzle solver! Any fan of the Pokemon series knows that wits are just as important as strength for any trainer. If you're looking to practice your wits and ability to think on the go, then Deerling has a fun challenge for you. Can you help the adorable creature line up all the seasonal tokens?

The game consists of a single round with a 3-minute time limit. How many tiles can you connect before the time runs out? Make sure you create lines of tiles that represent the same season: spring, summer, autumn, or winter!

How to Play

Matching tiles in the company of the cutest Pokemon is easy and fun! Simply find a group of three or more pink, green, blue, or orange hexagonal tiles. Next, click on the first item in the line and drag your cursor to the last tile.

If your selection is by the rules, the tiles will light up and disappear from the screen. It's magical! However, don't limit yourself to only three elements! Only lines of three or more hexagons will please Deerling!

Swiftness is essential if you want to reach a high score! For instance, the longer the line you create, the quicker the board will clear up. Therefore, you'll get more points!

On the other hand, you don't have to wait until the line you have matched disappears from the board to form another! Instead, you can keep drawing lines while the board is changing. Don't waste a moment if you want to reach a high score!

What else you should know

Once you get used to all the controls and rules, you'll start matching faster and faster! If you fill up one of the four meters on the right-hand side of the screen, you'll enter fever mode. Deerling will morph, and its power will grant you extra points. Keep matching to maintain this bonus state and become a champion of season slider!

At the end of this fun challenge, you'll surely want to try your hand at another 3-minute round! The more you play, the faster and more complex your matches will become.

What was your longest line? If you can link together more than ten tiles at once, you can call yourself a pro!