Gothita's Portrait Panic

Practice your precision while painting in Gothita's Portrait Panic game! How many paintings of Pokemon characters can you complete before time runs out?

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About Gothita's Portrait Panic Game

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Enjoy a fun and creative precision test in Gothita's Portrait Panic game! Have you ever tried speed painting? You'll have the chance to try an unconventional method of creating art with Gothita. She has loaded balloons up with paint, and all you have to do is aim them precisely at the paintings in front of you!

The game consists of a series of paintings that you need to complete using a slingshot and paint. How many can you paint before the 120 seconds run out? There's only one way to find out!

How to Play

To begin with, choose the first board you wish to paint. Luckily, you have many options featuring some of the cutest Pokemon, such as Ducklett, Snivy, Tepig, and Pikachu. Pick whichever you like best, then try your best to complete as many paintings of your friends as you can.

Are you ready to start? Use your cursor to aim at an empty place on the canvas in front of you. To be more precise, you can use the target on the screen. Next, fill up the balloon by holding the mouse button.

The larger the balloon gets, the bigger the surface you'll cover in one shot. However, you should pay attention! If you hold the button for too long, the balloon will pop, and you'll need to start over. Yikes!

What else you should know

To gain a high score, you have to paint the entire canvas without leaving blank spaces. The game will point out the problem area if you miss a spot. How helpful, since you can't move on before you solve it! 

Depending on how many balloons you use to paint a character and the overall look, you'll get a grade for every painting you finish. If you're swift enough, you might paint six or more canvases! Can you manage to get a perfect A for all of them?

It's a difficult task that requires a lot of precision and patience. Just like the work of a Pokemon trainer!