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About Wrestle Jump Game

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Don't miss out on the Wrestle Jump game if you are looking to prove your fighting skills! Are you a wrestling fan? Then you must know that intelligence is as important as strength when it comes to taking down your opponent. Are you prepared to put your speed and your strategy to the test? This game will do just that.

The goal is to bang your opponent's head to the ground against the ground before you receive the same treatment. Even if it sounds a bit frightening, it's so fun to play!

Which gaming mode best suits your needs? One of the best parts about this challenge is that it features three fighting versions. To begin with, you can play against the computer by picking the one player button. Have you gotten the hang of this game? Then try the two players version, where you can battle a friend by using just one keyboard. Are you looking for even more excitement? Try the multiplayer mode and go against a random opponent! 

How to play the game

Are you ready to wrestle? Luckily, you won't need to memorize complicated controls to excel in this game. Things couldn't be easier! All you need to do is press a single button to move your wrestler's leg, making him jump. However, depending on the game mode, the specific key can change, so pay attention! Therefore, press M, W, or the right mouse button, depending on the situation. 

Can you keep your calm in this fight? The two opponents, the red and blue wrestlers, are entangled in a very close confrontation. Every movement a player makes severely affects the posture of the foe, as well as his own. Can you destabilize the other player and bang his head on the ground? Do it five times in a row to win!

Each match you play is different. Keep practicing, and you will come across ramps, platforms, and even cacti! They add new challenges and a bit of extra fun to every fight.

Are you ready to become a pro wrestler? Even if you don't manage to win every time, you'll surely giggle or even laugh while playing this colorful and cheery game. Invite your friends and start an unofficial silly wrestling competition!