Penalty Power

Join Ben 10 and his aliens in a fantastic soccer game in the Penalty Power Game. Score more goals than your opponents to win the game! Ready, set, goal!

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About Penalty Power Game

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Start the best penalty challenges of your life! Kick the ball towards the gate, score all the goals, and face every opponent that comes in your way in the Penalty Power game. Help Ben 10 defeat the evil forces in the most astonishing soccer game of all time!

In a world full of mediocre soccer players, you can be the exception with the help of some fantastic aliens. You get to choose your favorite alien, which Ben 10 can transform into. You can either play as Diamondhead, XLR8, Cannonbolt, Four Arms, or Heatblast. Pick your favorite character wisely, because it will help you and Ben 10 win the game.

How to Play

The primary game objective is to defeat all of the five opponents to win the big prize. Steam Smythe, Dr. Animo, and Zombozo are only three of the five evil masterminds that you will have to face.

You will have forty-five seconds for the ball kicking and another forty-five for the goalkeeping. Keep training until you manage to ace at both of them! Do not let your opponents score more goals than you, because you will have to play the game again in order to advance to the next level.

All you need to do when you are the kicker is to control the ball by pressing the left click on your mouse, direct the ball to the point of the gate where you want it to go, and then release it. Make sure you aim the gate correctly.

If you manage to score five goals in a row, you will be awarded a power-up. Like this, the next ball you throw will gain more speed, and it will increase your chances to score a goal.

While playing as the goalkeeper, your job is to receive as few goals as possible. Protect the gate by pressing the left click and directing your player towards the ball.

Compete against all of the five opponents and win the championship. Show the entire world what a good player you are!