Ben 10: Code Red

Play the Ben 10: Code Red game for a thrilling tower defense adventure! Deploy Plumbers, upgrade your team, and stop the prisoners from escaping!

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About Ben 10: Code Red Game

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Get ready for an exciting tower defense adventure in the Ben 10: Code Red game! Dr. Psychobos has caused chaos by stealing a part of the Omnitrix and turning Rook and the prisoners into alien hybrids. As a small Plumber team, it's up to you to stop the escaped prisoners from breaking out of Plumbers HQ.

In this tower defense game, your mission is to strategically deploy Plumbers on designated spots along the path to defeat waves of enemies heading toward the exit. Are your skills up to par to complete this mission?

How to Play

There are four different stages, each with four levels. In each stage, Ben will be stuck in a different alien form and present somewhere on the level alongside Rook. Use your Plumber Badges to deploy generic Plumbers, but remember that unique Plumbers can only be placed once per level. Once you place a Plumber on the battlefield, you can't sell or replace them.

The cost of deploying Plumbers increases as more of them are on the field. Your goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible to earn Plumber Badges and keep an eye out for enemies dropping Plumbers Badges that you can collect. However, try not to let too many prisoners escape, or you'll lose the game! 

Be prepared for challenging boss battles at the end of each stage. These bosses can have negative effects on your Plumbers, like stunning them. After each level, you'll earn upgrade points to enhance your Plumbers' stats, including Ben's alien forms and Rook.

Now that you know the drill, are you ready to defend Plumbers HQ and save the day? Strategize, upgrade your Plumbers and face powerful bosses. Can you restore order and stop Dr. Psychobos? The fate of the universe is in your hands!