Help Snaily Snail in the Snailiad game to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of his friends. Defeat your foes and return everyone to Snail Town.

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About Snailiad Game

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A tragedy took place in the Snailiad game! After the Moon Snail left on his journey, many residents of Snail Town began to disappear without a trace. Luckily, Snaily Snail is on the case and is leaving the town to find his missing friends. However, he still needs you by his side to pass any challenges he might face!

Your role is to guide Snaily Snail through his journey. However, he will reach lands far away from home, and he might encounter many dangers. Can you help him defeat them all and solve the mystery behind his friend's disappearance?

How to Play

Before you hit the road, you should learn the controls! Here is a list of them:

 - Right / Left arrow keys or A / D: Move around.

 - Up arrow key / W: Climb walls.

 - Down arrow key / S: Get Snaily in his shell.

 - Z / K: Jump.

 - X / J: Shoot.

Your journey will start in Snail Town, and you should explore every corner. There are still some locals left that might help you with tips for your adventure!

Once you leave the town, more and more dangers will appear. The places you will roam are full of predators trying to hurt Snaily Snail. Be careful! Only one touch is enough to damage your partner if you don't have something to defend yourself. Also, he starts with three lives, and it takes four hits to lose one, so it's best to avoid conflict at all costs if the foes have an advantage!

Luckily, there are some ways to make your adventure easier! For example, you can eat grass to regenerate chunks of your health points. Also, if you are tired of running away from enemies, you can look for a weapon to pick up and use to shoot them! At the same time, you might stumble upon extra life points to make Snaily Snail harder to take down!

What else you should know

As you advance through your journey, you will meet bosses you should take down if you want to continue. However, once you get past them and reach other realms, you can find items to change your snail's nature. For example, you can turn into Gravity Snail to gain the Gravity Jump and make your jumps more effective. There are many items for you to find, so don't forget to look for them!

Lastly, try to hit every checkpoint you find to save your progress. Those will come in handy if you get seriously hurt or close the game and want to return later to where you left off. Don't worry, though! There are many checkpoints you can unlock. However, you will have to look closely for them first!

Are you ready to start your journey alongside Snaily Snail and find out where his friends are? Let's start this adventure and see if you can bring everyone back to their home!