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Play the Super Mario World 3 game, and solve the mystery of the pipes! Control Mario with the arrow keys, and jump on the P buttons to reveal new platforms!

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Everyone knows that Mario started his life as a superhero in the Mushroom Kingdom because the Princess Peach needed someone to save her every time the evil King Bowser kidnapped her or attacked the kingdom. But only a few of Mario fans know that the actual world of the Italian plumber is not meadows and forests at all, but pipes. This game sends us back into the world of real Mario – the dark world of tubes. As a plumber, you Mario has to fix the pipes. But some dangerous plants took over the pipes and now it is quite dangerous to walk around with a wrench. Play the Super Mario World 3 game and help Mario solve the pipes' mystery.

Mario's job is to fix the pipes, and now you have to help him do this thing in the shortest time possible and to avoid the obstacles on his way. Some dangerous plants, who want to eat Mario live in the pipes now, and if Mario wants to fix this problem, he needs to avoid touching them. 

How to Play

If you want to help Mario solve the problem, and go back in the Mushroom Kingdom as fast as possible, you need to follow the golden stars and to collect all the coins on your way. When you find the blue P button, jump on it using the up arrow key on your keyboard, and you will find secret platforms and different doors which will help you arrive at the end of the level. Collect the mushrooms to grow up. 

Mario needs to solve the mystery of the pipes fast and go back to the Mushroom Kingdom before the evil forces notice his absence, and attack the kingdom. Only you can help him finish his task on time, and have success with it. 

Use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move Mario, and make sure you avoid the dangerous plants, and all the enemies on your way. You will see that if you work in a team with Mario, not only that you will do a good job, and help him, but you will also have a lot of fun, and you will enjoy every minute spent with him. 

Keep the fun going

We encourage you to keep on playing the game until you become the best at it, and you will do everything seem easy and fun. Mario will be grateful for your help, and you can be sure that he will remain your friend forever. All you have to do is help him with his mission, and you will see that when you have a problem, Mario will be the first one who comes in your help.

We wish you the best of luck in this mission, and we hope that you will like to spend time with Mario in the pipes' world, where Mario grew up and learned everything he knows now. Who knows, maybe you will become one of the best plumbers, and now you have the chance to train with Mario. We think that there is a reason why Mario choose you to help him, and all you have to do is be on his side and find out what it is. Do not forget that the most important thing you have to do is to have fun.

Will you be able to help Mario solve the mystery?