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Take a journey to the Mushroom Kingdom while playing Mario Forever game. Collect all the coins you find in your way, and fight with Mario's enemies.

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Have you met the Italian plumber, Mario? He is one of the best plumbers around, and he lives in the Mushroom Kingdom, where he helps Princess Peach rule the kingdom with love and kindness. Unfortunately, the evil king Bowser attacks this world, and he sends his best enemies to fight with Mario, who protects the kingdom. In the Mario Forever game, you need to help Mario fight the enemies, and collect the coins you find to have a good final score.

Before you start the game, you can choose to stop the music and the sound of the game by pressing the M and S keys on your keyboard. If you want to enjoy the Mario world at the fullest, keep the music on, and live the adventure with him. Use the left, and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move from one side to the other one, and the Z key on your keyboard to jump. 

Jump on top of your enemies to kill them, and collect the coins hidden in the golden blocks. Some blocks can hide mushrooms that can help you grow up, and have special powers. If the enemies touch you while you are grown up, they will not kill you, but you will go back to the child form. 

You can lose your lives if the enemies touch you, or if you fall. Be careful because Mario moves fast, and you can fall. Get to the end of the levels, and jump on the moving platform that brings you to the sky to pass the level.