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Play the Super Mario Moto game, and have fun with Mario while riding the motorbike. Be careful at the obstacles, and finish the map to win! Good luck!

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Have you ever asked yourself what does Mario do in his leisure time? Some may guess he sleeps, which is partly true. Mario has many activities all day long. When he is not saving someone, or when the Mushroom Kingdom is not in danger, he likes to spend time doing different activities to get in shape or to have fun. Today, in the Super Mario Moto game, you have the opportunity to have some fun with Mario while he rides his motorbike.

What this game will reveal to you is that Mario loves high speeds and adrenaline. Thus, when free from his eternal task of saving Princess Peach, Mario rides his moto through the Mushroom Kingdom. But he isn't such a good driver. You have to help Mario finish the levels safe!

Game objective

Mario needs to follow a route with many obstacles, and ups and downs to get to the finish line, and end his level. To do it, he needs all your help, because he cannot do it alone. Learn to balance on the motorbike. Avoid falling, because that will take you to the beginning of the level.

Collect all the golden coins you will encounter on your trip. You will have to reach higher speeds to gain some of the stars. Also, be careful with the hills of the track. While in the air, you can also perform tricks, like backflips, which will bring you even more bonus points, so keep that in mind!

Mario Motorbike game can get entertaining!

To be fast and go straight, use the up arrow key. When you want to turn back, press the down arrow key. With the left and right arrow keys, Mario will lean towards or backward. You must be very careful because if you do not use the right keys at the right time, you will fall, and you lose a life. Each time you lose a life, you start the level again. When all your lives are over, the game ends. 

On the upper side of your screen, you can see the map that you need to follow. Make sure Mario get through all the obstacles, the hills, and valleys in his way, and finishes the course in the best time possible.

When you unlock more levels, you will have the chance to choose the level you want to play, and go directly to that specific level. The levels become harder and harder as you advance, but do not worry. With patience and hard work, you will pass them all, and have a high final score at the end of the game.