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Play the Super Mario Crossover game, and go on a mission with Mario and his friends. Beat your enemies and collect coins to win!

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Mario is a lucky man. He has a lot of friends who are there for him any time he needs someone. In the Super Mario Crossover game, all his friends gathered together to help Mario pass all the stages. Link, Bill R, Simon, Mega Man, and Samus decided to join Mario in a game where they need to collect mushrooms and coins to pass the levels.

You can select your favorite hero at the beginning of each level. Each character is different and has its own controls and abilities. Some of them wear huge guns that can shoot enemies. If your enemies are low on the ground, you can lay too to give your best shot.

You will move all the characters using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard, and you can jump using the Z key. When it comes to their attack, everyone attacks differently than the other person.

Choose your favorite hero

For example, Bill R will shoot the enemies using the X key on your keyboard, but he can also lean down using the down arrow key, and shoot while he is in that position.

Mega Man has other abilities. If you collect a mushroom, and you hold the X key for a longer time, he will gather all his power in a mega shot, that will kill the enemies instantly.  Link can use his defense mode to walk over the enemies, without getting hurt. He can stab the enemies with his sword. 

If you choose Samus, you will see that he can turn into a ball by pressing the down arrow key, and more than that, if you press the X button while you are in the ball mode, you can set bombs for your opponents. When Samus jumps, he will roll into the air. 

Simon, on the other hand, can attack his opponents using his lasso. All you have to do is press the X key on your keyboard, and he will do the job. Besides, he will be able to jump higher if you double press the Z button during the stage.

Useful tips

More than that, you can play the game with Mario. Mario will attack his enemies when you press the X key, and but he needs many mushrooms to grow up fast, and to have powers. The level ends when you reach the castle from the Mushroom Kingdom. Get down the flag, and enter the castle to be safe. 

Use your character's unique abilities wisely. Smash the blocks and collect the golden coins. Play with different heroes so you can reveal all their individual skills. 

At the beginning of each new level, you have the chance to choose the character you want to play with. If you lose a life, you can change the hero. Select your hero, and get ready for an adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom. Switch the characters using the arrow keys, and press the Z button when you decide on whom you like the most.

Have fun!

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