Super Mario Rush 2

Collect the coins for Mario in Super Mario Rush 2 game. Jump over the obstacles, roll in the air, and make sure you do not fall into the burning lava!

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Hello! It’s me, Mario. And I come to you with another fantastic adventure in the Super Mario Rush 2 game. Do you have what it takes to accept the challenge? Are you fast enough to face the rush that is coming towards you? Come with me and let’s save the day together one more time.

You must be familiar with the Mushroom Kingdom, my homeland. If not, let me explain to you some of the dangers that lie ahead. You will encounter flesh-eating plants, evil turtles, chainsaws, and so many other peculiar things and creatures. But the most dangerous of all is the lava that will be waiting for you if you fall.

Help me get to the end of the level without being eaten by quirky creatures or dissolved in the fiery lava. And help me collect the coins that you find on your way towards the end. Can you do this? Then let’s begin.

Mario needs new clothes. And to buy those new clothes, he also needs to collect the coins. You need to help him out because he can not do this by himself. It is a dangerous world out there, in the Mushroom Kingdom. Guide him every step of the way and do not lose the levels. Because you will have to restart right from the beginning.

Guide Mario towards success!

Mario will be running by himself, but you will need to help him jump over the obstacles. To jump, just left-click on the screen. If you want to make Mario roll a little bit in the air, hold the button until he reaches a safe ground. And always remember that you can even tap twice if you consider that the jump needs to be slightly higher. 

If you see a block with a question mark in it floating above Mario, jump while he is underneath it. This will give him the prize that can be found inside that box. The most important thing, apart from surviving, is to collect the money. Some of them might be found on the ground. Quite easily accessible. Others might be found in the air. Jump towards them as high as you can and get them all. 

Remember to do all of the above without falling into the flames of the lava, being eaten by the evil plants, cut in two by the chainsaws or pinched by the stones. If you bump into one of the obstacles, you will lose. Do not be afraid, though. The money that you have collected will still be there for you to buy new accessories. 

Everything sounds quite intriguing, isn’t it? And it is a perfect fit for an adventurer like you. Do not wait any longer and join your fellow Mario in his quest!