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In Mario's Basketball Challenge, our little hero is trying to prepare for the upcoming basketball championship that will take place in the Mushroom Kingdom. Since it's been a long time since Mario played a basketball game, he needs your help to regain his abilities.

This is why he decided to go on the field and put his precision abilities to the test. Your job is to assist Mario at scoring as many points as possible before time runs out. Do you think you can handle this? Let's see how good are you at basketball!

How to play the game

You can quickly learn to guide Mario in the game by only using your mouse. To set the angle and the power of your shot, just move your mouse on the screen until the trajectory looks good. Then, when you are ready, just click on the left mouse button to throw the ball. Easy as pie, right?
Not so fast. As you keep performing more shots, additional obstacles are introduced to make the game more challenging. For instance, after each shooting, Mario will change his spot, challenging your ability to aim from different distances. You will need to adjust your aiming with every new shot.

Also, you should soon notice those Goombas which are continually moving on the screen, trying to block you from scoring points. Try to predict their movements and adjust your shots accordingly.

Each time you manage to successfully throw the ball into the basket, you will receive 2 points. However, every now and then, you should notice a golden star floating above the basket. If you manage to hit it, you will double your points, scoring 4 instead of 2.

What else you should know

Sometimes it's too difficult to aim from the current angle? No worries! You can change your spot of shooting by clicking on the ball while it is still up in the air. Mario will jump and catch it, and you can continue playing from that new angle.

At the top of your screen, you can watch the score and the timing alike. When your time is over, you get to submit your score and compare it to the leaderboard.

Have fun with Mario in this easy, entertaining game of basketball!

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