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Play the Paper Mario World game and help Mario to save Princess Peach, while destroying the enemies with his plumber hammer! Have fun!

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The Evil King Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach again, and if Mario does not save her, the whole Mushroom Kingdom is in danger. Even if Mario saved her for a million times, King Bowser becomes stronger and stronger, and he has more evil partners now than ever. Mario needs weapons to destroy the enemies on his way. In the Paper Mario World game, you have the chance to end the evil king Bowser's partners once and for all, with Mario's most common weapon, his plumber hammer.

You need to be careful because not only enemies are waiting for you on the evil King Bowser's world, but also traps, and items that are meant to kill you. You need to move fast using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard and jump by pressing the up arrow keys on your keyboard. When you press the Spacebar key and one of the left or right arrow keys at the same time, Mario will use his hammer. Be careful at the huge rocks that are falling from nowhere, and that intend to hit you. More than that, do your best not to fall or get hurt in any way.

You can destroy the enemies if you jump on their heads too, but be careful not to touch them in any other way, or you will lose a life. When all your lives are over, the game ends and you fain your mission. You pass a level when you arrive at the end of your screen, and you go to the other side. Princess Peach counts on you to save her because she does not trust anyone as much as she believes in Mario's abilities to fight. Give the Evil King Bowser a lesson, and show him that he should never kidnap Princess Peach again.