Super Mario Crossover 2

All the strong characters will be at your disposal in the amazing Super Mario Crossover 2 game. Collect the money and complete the mission with their help!

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Did you ever want to see Super Mario transform? Did you want to play more characters in one single game and change them as quickly as you would say “Mario”? Well, now it is your chance to do this, in the Super Mario Crossover 2 game. Challenge yourself and learn how to control them all while also following the classical rules of the Super Mario.

So many characters from so many different games. This collection is the one you will need to defeat all the enemies that you encounter on your way. And remember the exciting activities like winning some money or using the growth mushrooms? They will still be there for you to have the time of your life. 

I know it might sound slightly challenging to control them all, but I promise you, it is not. Luigi and Mario will be there to help you, all the way. And the new characters have intriguing features that will help you along the way in your mission. Always remember that some characters might not be so friendly, though. But you will get to know them all, eventually. And they will become your best friends. 

Press the “Z” button to make a selection. This will let you choose the character that you are going to control. The “X” button will help you change skins. After the choice is made, the “Z” button will be used for jumping and the “X” one, to attack and run as Mario or his brother, Luigi. Now let’s see what else you need to know about the characters.

Learn the skills of all the characters!

Each figure is played the way they do in their original game. For some characters, the “C” button will help you use some interesting weapons or alternate the attacks. But remember that only Mario or Luigi can jump on the enemies and kill them. 

One impressive feature that you will gain while playing Mario is that you can make him run if you hold the “X” button pressed. And if he has some firepower collected, by pressing “X”, you will be able to shoot the fireballs. These will not be the only controls. Some characters might require the “up” and “down” arrow keys for specific features. Just use them properly.

Special features will await you while playing different characters. Luigi might jump higher than Mario, Link can perform an upward or downward thrust while being in the air. Some of them can use some weapons, others can throw fireballs. All you need to do is to know their specific features and learn how to use them properly. 

Are you ready to make some new friends? Are you prepared to have some fun while completing a fantastic challenge? Then wait no longer and start the adventure!

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