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Play the Donkey Kong game, and do your best to save Princess Peach from King Kong. Climb the stairs to avoid the barrels and get to the princess!

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How high can you get? This was the question and the first challenge gamers got back in the '80s when the first Mario game was released by the name of Donkey Kong game. That was the first Mario appearance in the video game industry. Play this game again on our website!

Turns out that the evil gorilla Donkey Kong has kidnapped Princess Peach and kept her at the top of the building, where no one can get her. Your role is to help Mario save Princess Peach from Donkey Kong.

What will happen in the Mushroom Kingdom now that the princess is not there and nobody rules the country? Mario needs to save her fast before things get worst, and everyone will suffer!

How to Play

Use the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard to move Mario from one side to the other. Also, use the Up and Down arrow keys to make him climb the stairs up and down. To avoid any objects in your way, you can jump over them by pressing the Spacebar.

Donkey Kong knew that Mario would come after Princess Peach, and he decided to stop him by any means. As a result, he broke the stairs and started throwing barrels at Mario.

So be careful! You have to avoid them at any cost. Climb the ladders fast and avoid the barrels as they would instantly kill Mario once they hit him. If anything touches you, you'll have to restart the level again from the beginning.

You will get points for successfully dodging the barrels. However, keep in mind that some of the barrels may explode if they hit the oil barrel. Do your best to avoid them, and get to Princess Peach as fast as possible. 

There's more you should know!

You have three lives during a level, so make sure you do not waste them. Otherwise, you will never get Princess Peach back.

Some items you might pick up can make it easier for you through the game. For instance, if you see the hammer, grab it and start smashing the barrels or other objects coming at you. However, you can only use it for a limited time. Also, you should know that while using the hammer, you cannot climb the stairs anymore!

As you advance through the levels, King Kong will make it harder for you to save the princess, and he will bring helps with him. All you have to do is stay calm, and climb the stairs to avoid the obstacles coming at you.

Of course, it's not always easy to save Princess Peach. However, you can do it with a bit of focus and luck. Play this game to remember what it used to be back then.

Good luck!