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Help Mario to find a way out from the haunted house in the Mario Ghost House game. Collect the coins, beware of the ghosts and save Mario right now!

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Mario finds himself in a troubling situation in the Mario Ghost House game. He is scared and has some difficulties getting out of a haunted house. You are the only one that can help him solve the issues and the mysteries. The question is: do you have the guts to face the scary and dangerous ghosts that await you at every corner?

Mario decided to take a shortcut from the main road, but let’s just say this is not always a good idea. The kingdom is quite peaceful, usually. When you try to shorten your route, you might discover that the original path might have been the fastest and the safest. This is the situation for our beloved Mario, too.

We know that you have what it takes to help him find his way out through the highly challenging maze found inside the haunted house. There are a lot of ghosts, though. So be careful and walk carefully. Are you ready to see what awaits you inside?

Find a way out for Mario!

Luckily, inside the haunted house, you will also find everything that Mario has ever wanted. Do you know what that is? You guessed it right: we are talking about coins. You will discover those rewards almost every step of the way. And there is nothing that can stop you from collecting them all.

Except for the ghosts, of course. They are everywhere. Make sure they do not touch you. Because if they do, you will have to start from the beginning and lose everything. Use the arrow keys to move Mario around the house, to jump from one floor to the other or to duck. The ghosts are pretty fast, so it will be useful to press the “A” button if you want to run faster than the spirits. 

Make sure you also find the special golden gates that will teleport you to another chamber of the house, closer to the exit. And do not fall into the abyss.

Protect yourself and Mario every step of the way and find the right path towards the exit in no time. Does that seem challenging? Do not worry, you will solve the mysteries!