Super Mario 63

Super Mario 63 game will show you a different side of the Mushroom Kingdom! Help Mario find the Princess Peach castle while exploring the surroundings!

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About Super Mario 63 Game

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Mario loves new adventures, and he knows that in the Mushroom Kingdom he can discover new places where he can enjoy the day doing new things. In the Super Mario 63 game, Mario is going to have some of the best moments of his life, while he explores the Mushroom Kingdom's most hidden hills, waters, and forests. Stay by his side to discover this new world with him, and go on a mission to reach the Princess Peach's castle. 

This game is a beautiful mix of both classic and innovative gameplay elements. The graphics are improved, and you will notice the way Mario and Luigi move. Their moves have become far more realistic. You will collect coins on your way, as usual, and you will see a different side of the Mushroom Kingdom.

How to deal with the enemies

In your way, you will encounter multiple enemies. Decide whether to attack them with Mario's new ability – spinning. Or just try to avoid them and be safe. Think your move wisely – the enemies are now more intelligent. They can follow and track down Mario or Luigi

Your enemies are following you everywhere you go, and this means that you need to destroy them. Jump on their hear to kill them, and avoid another contact with them. Use the up, down, right and left arrow keys on your keyboard to move and jump. Whenever you see a sign, press the Z key to read it. The signs on the way give you instructions about how to pass the level, and what keys to use to be easier for you.

The X key will help you roll in the air, and if you press the up arrow key and the X key at the same time, you will execute bigger jumps. Avoid the bombs and the other obstacles that you find. Be careful not to fall, because you will have to turn back from where you started. 

Useful tips

Be careful when you play underwater. To survive here, you will have to revise your tactics towards your enemies. Another innovative gameplay is double jumping. With this ability, you can jump higher so you can pass above tall objects, such as cliffs, or rocks. You can also crouch when trying to avoid being hit by flying enemies.

Mario learned some new things while he stayed in the Mushroom Kingdom, and now he can swim. Use the down arrow key to lean while you are in the water and the other arrow keys to move. Avoid the fishes, because they will make you lose your coins. Collect all the coins and the items that you find under rocks, or in the gold blocks.

This game also resembles old, good Mario gameplay, as your primary objective is to collect Yoshi coins. Think you can reach Princess Peach's castle? Play the game and find out!