Bullet Bill

Play the role of a just released bullet which has to be guided through Mushroom Kingdom until it will reach its targets!

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Have you ever asked yourself what it is to be a bullet? Have you ever imagined that you have the power to do anything you want, and destroy everything in your way if you feel like being in the mood for something like that? What is it to fly on an enormous speed and smash your enemies performing headshots? Bullet Bil game gives you the opportunity to have this experience.

If you ever wanted to experience this opportunity, now it is your chance. 
Play as one of Mario's enemies, the dangerous Bullet Bill! Become a bullet released from a gun barrel and travel with a supersonic speed! Your goal is to smash all the brick walls you will encounter.

Moreover, you can plunge and aim for some Goombas that stand on the ground. But be careful! If you go to low, you may hit the ground. If you run into collision with a platform, you will fall, and you need to restart the game from the beginning. The purpose is to break as many blocks as you can and arrive at the finish line. Unfortunately, you can't penetrate the rocks that easily, so you better avoid it!

How to Play

Use the up, down, left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move in the air, and to avoid the platforms. Using the up and down arrow keys, you will move up and down, preventing the obstacles. The left and right arrow keys will make you go faster or slower. It depends on you if you want to finish the journey more quickly, or slower. 

Being Bullet Bill is not easy all the time, especially that it is one of Mario's enemies and Mario gives all his enemies a lesson. Now it is your turn to show Mario and Luigi what you can do as Bullet Bill. The more creatures you kill, the more points you gain. You can track your success on a scale in the left corner of your screen.

We wish you good luck, and we cannot wait to see how many blocks you destroy. Do not forget that each block means more points to your final score. Play as Bullet Bill and never miss your targets. And who knows.. maybe one day you'll hit your eternal foes, Mario and Luigi!