Super Mario Sunshine 64

Play the Super Mario Sunshine 64 game, and explore the Mushroom Kingdom from above the skies. Climb as high as possible with Mario and his jetpack!

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While playing all those amusing games with Mario throughout all these years, we've only ventured in Mushroom Kingdom's undergrounds. Some games gave us the opportunity to play underwater. Some to land Mario on Moon while avoiding asteroids. But none of the games gave us the chance to fly high above the Mushroom Kingdom's meadows. Super Mario Sunshine 64 game offers you the opportunity to explore the kingdom from above the skies. 

Not many persons can say that they saw the Mushroom Kingdom from above, and now you can do it, together with Mario. Lately, Mario got a new jetpack, and now he can go anywhere he likes.

Use the jetpack to fly

Thanks to the little jetpack placed on Mario's back, you can now explore the skies of your favorite game. Of course, you can't use the jetpack for a long time. You have to watch the power level indicator as well as the water level indicator which are placed in the left corner of your screen. When the power level reaches zero, you will fall. Nevertheless, if correctly used, your jetpack will significantly help you.

Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move Mario from one side to the other one of the Mushroom Kingdom, and the up arrow key on your keyboard to jump from one platform to the other. The Spacebar key on your keyboard will make the jetpack work, but be careful because if you want to fly with the jetpack, you need water. Follow the arrows on your screen to find the water around you. 

When the water level reaches zero, you will not be able to use the jetpack, and you have to go back on the ground. Be careful because of the platforms around you. Some of them move, and others will fall when you step on them. Be fast, and try to reach the sky as fast as possible. When Mario's energy reaches zero, you need to wait for him to rest. 

Don't forget about the coins

Collect both the golden and red coins while landing on little clouds. They will help you have a high final score at the end of the level. You can see the number of coins that you collected on the upper side of your screen, next to Mario's lives. When all his lives are over, the game ends, and you have to restart it from the beginning.

Be careful with your enemies. The fact that you're flying high above the sea level doesn't mean that you'll be alone in the skies. Don't forget that this game is only a demo preview. When the full game is released, you will have many more territory to explore, including Princess Peach's castle and Bowser's castle.

Have fun and keep knocking on heaven's doors.