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Play the Mario Remix Boss Edition game, and fight against any old school boss you want! Just pick one and step into the fighting ring against him!

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About Mario Remix Boss Edition Game

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Mario is not the same plumber as you remember him. Our protagonist evolved, and now is one of the best heroes in the Mushroom Kingdom. He can fight with the worst villains, and he can win any battle he wants. In the Mario Remix Boss Edition game, you have the chance to see him in action, while he beats the biggest monsters in the Mushroom Kingdom. 

Do you remember how much time did you spend on trying to reach bosses? Sometimes, there are multiple levels you need to complete until you get to face one or another boss. Many of those stages are very difficult, and very often even more difficult than fighting the boss itself. It, of course, happened that you couldn't get through some stages, so you never knew who is waiting for you at the end of the game. 

Well, in this game you can fight all the old school bosses that had ever made their appearance in Mario's world without playing a lot of stages to reach them.

How to Play

You can choose the battle that you want to play, but you need to be careful because everyone will do their best to destroy Mario with the powers they have. To control Mario during the game, you have to use more combinations of keys. For example, use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move Mario from one side to the other one of the game board. Press the S key on your keyboard to jump over obstacles. Be careful, because you cannot jump on top of your enemies to destroy them, as usual. If a monster touches you, or they hit you, Mario dies, and you have to restart the level again. 

If you press one of the arrow keys and the A key on your keyboard at the same time, Mario will run. The D key will help you freeze, and the Q key on your keyboard will help you change the quality of the game. More than that, before you start the game, you can enter the shop, from where you buy different items that will help you destroy your enemies faster. You can take only six things at once, so use them wisely.

Useful tips

To use the items you bought, press the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and number keys on your keyboard. They will help you a lot in your mission. Before you start the game, remember that you can choose the boss level that you want to play. You have a list of quests, and all you have to do is pick one that you like the most.

Kill the bosses one by one to get coins. You can spend your fair earned coins on buying items. After receiving your payment, don't forget to replenish yourself with mushrooms or other supplies that will help you during the next boss fights. Fight numerous foes, including Shy Guy, Wiggler or even Dracula and get your revenge!