Mario Shooter 2

Play the Mario Shooter 2 game, and kill the turtles with Mario's new weapon. Use your bullets wisely, and shoot the turtles before you lose them!

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Everyone knows already that Mario is one of the best warriors from the Mushroom Kingdom. His skills are unique, and only Luigi can fight as good as Mario can with all the enemies who try to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom. To win all the time, and to become even better than he already is, Mario got a gun, and now he kills his enemies using it. You will have a chance to see how things work in the Mario Shooter 2 game. 

The purpose of the game is to help Mario kill the turtles from every level. He can do it if he uses the bullets, but there is only a problem. His ammo is not infinite, and if he loses all of them before he kills the enemies, will be forced to restart the level.

Use your mouse to aim, and click to shoot, every time you are sure you will hit the turtles. The bullets can ricochet in the walls, and hit the enemies, even if you miss the first time. You should keep in mind that while if it is not easy the first time, you need to keep practicing.

Defeat them all!

If Mario kills all the turtles, he will show everyone that he is the best shooter that ever existed, and everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom will appreciate him. The Koopa Turtles are under different surfaces, and it will not be as easy as it seems to get to them. Your help and your intelligence will help Mario very much with this mission he has to accomplish. You also need to be fast, because the quicker you move, the better it will be for Mario. Your final score depends on how quickly you finish a level. Mario will collect more points if you complete your work fast.

If you think that you have what it takes to defeat the Koopa Turtles and to protect the Mushroom Kingdom, go on this mission with Mario, and prove that you can be one of the best fighters. Pass every level to win the game, and do not give up after the first tries if you see that you have to restart the levels the first time. We hope that you will do your best and that you will be able to help Mario. He counts on you this time. We wish you the best of luck and do not forget that you need to have fun in each adventure you go.