Dutchman's Dash

Play the Dutchman's Dash game and be the hero Bikini Bottom needs. Help SpongeBob and Patrick rescue Gary, who has been kidnapped by the Dutchman!

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About Dutchman's Dash Game

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The magical world of Bikini Bottom is under attack in the exciting Dutchman's Dash game, and your favorite underwater friends might be in trouble. SpongeBob and Patrick have teamed up to save Gary, which is being held captive in the flying Dutchman's lair.

The sea partners have to rescue him, but in doing so, they need your help. You will make sure that SpongeBob and Patrick get to Gary in time, and that no obstacles will interfere throughout their journey. Prepare to be the hero of the day, and save Gary!

How to Play 

The gameplay does not require much preparation, yet be vigilant, and don't let anything hinder SpongeBob's mission. The premise of the game is guiding the characters to the spot where Gary can be found. 

Direct your attention towards the various obstacles, and the occasional puddles characters could step into. You will get two chances, one for SpongeBob, and one for Patrick. Losing both attempts will send you back to the starting point.

Use the Left/Right controls to lead SpongeBob in the direction you want. If you encounter impediments throughout the path, press Up and Down to help your yellow friend Jump and Crouch. For a special attack, click on the Spacebar key.

Tips & Tricks

Pay attention to the floating balloons, collect 100 of them, and get an extra life for when you're running low on energy. Also, catching the hook will get your underwater characters a free ride!

Special attacks may take you by surprise. However, grab the purple porcupinefish so you can grow in strength and have spikes come out of your body. 

Beware of catching the pink electric jellyfishes. They make great allies when thrown at your enemies. 

Final Words

Gary must be afraid, and his morals surely are on the ground. The troublemakers in Bikini Bottom have now teamed up to rescue him, and bring him back to safety. 

However, they need your support! Show SpongeBob and Patrick the direction they should follow, and guard them against any impediments. Collect as many bonuses as possible to bring order and peace back! 

The rules are straightforward, and with a little bit of engagement, you will be Gary's savior!