Mario Lost in Space

Play the Mario Lost in Space game, and help Mario to land safely on the platform from space, and return home to the Mushroom Kingdom. Have fun!

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Aren't you a little bit bored of the Mushroom Kingdom with all its green meadows and undergrounds? Sick of avoiding turtles and harvesting mushroom to regain health? How many times did you rescue Princess Peach from evil king Bowser? Well, it's time to take a break. In the Mario Lost in Space game, Mario decides to leave the Mushroom Kingdom and to travel in space.

As his final destination, he chose The Moon. His flight had no incidents. But – what a pity – Mario can't land his jetpack. Your goal is to help Mario to land safely on a specific landing platform. But be careful! The surface of the Moon is suddenly attacked by asteroids. Avoid colliding with them, as it instantaneously will cause Mario's fall.

Even if it seems to be an easy thing to do, you have to be careful at all the obstacles in your way. Rocks from the space, asteroids, and many others are waiting for you. If Mario touches them, he dies. The same thing happens if he does not land in the marked zone, or if you crush him.

How to Play

Use the left, right, up, and down arrow keys on your keyboard to control Mario, and make sure your land is soft and slow, and Mario will not hurt himself doing it. Avoid the obstacles in n your way to live longer. With every level that you pass, it becomes harder for Mario to make it safe at home. You need to watch out for all the asteroids, and the other items from space. 

Mario's life is in your hands now. If he loses all of them, the game will be over, and you need to start from the first level again. Everyone is waiting for him to turn back home, and if you do not help him, all the hope goes away. Be the hero that the Mushroom Kingdom needs this time, save Mario.

Good luck, and do not forget to have fun in this fantastic adventure with Mario.