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Play Transformers: Portal of Destruction game and feel what it would be like to channel the great powers of a Decepticon! Are you brave enough?

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Become one of the most powerful Decepticons with the Portal Of Destruction game! If you are a fan of the Transformers, you must have been curious about the great strength of Predaking. This weapon of the Decepticon is a ferocious fusion of all five Predacons. Divebomb, Headstrong, Rampage, Tantrum, and team leader Razorclaw have combined into one huge robot! 

The five of them are united by their shared love of hunting and their predatory instinct. Can you channel the power of one of the most dangerous weapons added to the Decepticon ranks? Now you have the opportunity to unleash your inner rebel and demolish the entire city, building by building! Can you handle such an exciting challenge?

Learn how to become the ultimate predator!

Have you seen Godzilla? Now you're about to live it! You will soon find that controlling a colossal beast is not as easy as it seems! Use the Left and Right arrow keys to run around the scene.

Your Transformer can switch between his two states. Use the S key to transform from a robot form to a dragon form. Can you balance the two abilities and destroy the entire town?

So what is your goal? Pretty simple: destroy all the buildings in sight. However, you will soon find that this mission is more challenging than it first seems! The essential aspect is that you can only destruct buildings as a robot. Press the Up arrow key to climb on one side of your chosen construction. 

Don't forget about the combinations of keys, as well! Pressing the A key, as well as Right arrow, will destroy the building next to you. What is more, you can shoot at incoming foes by pressing A and the Left Arrow. Don't forget that these only work in the robot state of Predaking!

Tips and tricks to become a more effective menace for the city!

Everybody knows that the key to a Transformer battle is keeping the right balance between the two forms of the alien robot. Are you wise enough to use the right one at the right time?  While the robot form is quite helpful at taking down buildings, the dragon form will help you obliterate enemies! Can you believe that you can even fly while in this form? Just press the Space Bar intermittently to use this exciting feature! 

What is more, make sure that you keep an eye out for bonuses within the game! Destroy a Zeppelin to unlock a Smart Bomb, which will help you demolish constructions much faster. Aim for a fuel truck to triple your firepower, or target a food truck to replenish your shield. 

Keep an eye on the bars at the bottom of the screen, as well as the timer on top! The game ends when the allotted time runs out, or your shield gets entirely depleted.

To avoid failure, make sure you have a good gaming strategy! For instance, make sure you destroy the base of the buildings on both sides first! This will cause them to collapse much faster. Isn't that neat?

Your final score will be based on the percentage of destruction, speed, remaining health points, as well as the time you have spent as a beast and as a robot.

What is more, you will receive a rating that reflects how much of a menace you are to the city! Are you extremely menacing? Play the game and find out what kind of threat you pose!