Power Up for Battle

Play the Power Up for Battle game, and control Optimus Prime as he battles the dangerous Decepticon, Starscream! Are you courageous enough to win?

Transformers Robots in Disguise: Power Up for Battle | NuMuKi
Play Transformers Robots in Disguise: Power Up for Battle | NuMuKi
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About Power Up for Battle Game

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Brace yourself for the Power Up for Battle game! Any fan of the Transformers will greatly enjoy the opportunity to take part in a thrilling confrontation between Bots. However, the two Transformers that I am talking about are no ordinary machines. Can you believe that now you have the opportunity to control Optimus Prime as he battles the dangerous Decepticon, Starscream?

Get ready for some very intense moments joined by awesome characters! Do you like the background music? The high powered metal makes for an immersive and empowering experience.

Get familiar with the basics!

The game consists of a single, high-powered battle between two of the most powerful characters in the series. The key to success is to deplete the energy bar of your opponent before he manages to drain yours. Sounds easy at first, but you will soon find that this game is more challenging than you think!

Let's get started with the controls! One cool feature of this game is the fact that you can play from your phone, as well as your computer. To move your character, use your virtual pad or the Left and Right Arrows on your keyboard. To jump, press Up or touch the upper part of your screen. 

Now, let's get to the fun part! Dash towards your opponent to surprise him and get a better chance at a successful shot. You can do so by pressing the C key or pushing the appropriate button. The same goes for the attack feature, which you can activate by pressing Z or clicking Attack. Easy as pie, right?

Don't miss any of the bonuses!

Even if the concept of the game is simple, you will soon find that the intensity of the one-on-one battle will keep you on your toes! The key to success lies in a careful battle strategy that takes advantage of your enemy's weak moments. Don't miss a chance to shoot them when their guard is down!

The best way to get an advantage is to collect the upgrades, called Weaponizers, as soon as they pop up! Each one of them is a great addition to your arsenal and an extra chance to shred your opponent. Isn't that awesome?

The power-ups are coded by color, so they are easy to distinguish. Can you believe that there are six exciting possibilities? Arrowbolt will allow you to turn into an impressive plane, while other bonuses will increase the damage you inflict. For instance, you can try the Bashbreaker or Slipstream to hit your enemy with great force.

Go ahead and start experimenting with all these cool options!