Quest for Optimus Prime

Decipher hidden messages in the Quest for Optimus Prime game! Can you uncover a secret mission with the help of Sqweeks, the cute robot companion?

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With the Quest for Optimus Prime game, you get to decode communications received from a beacon on the moon! The leader of the Autobots is trying to tell you something! Is he in trouble? Only you can find out!

Luckily, you have the help of Sqweeks! Izabella has found this adorable travel companion in the ruins of Chicago city. You will need this little robot to make sense of the intricate puzzles in this game. Are you ready to find out your brief for this intergalactic mission?

Find out what Optimus Prime is trying to tell you!

This intergalactic puzzle game consists of three exciting levels, which will test many different skills. Do you have an eye for detail? Then this game was made for you! Also, you can try the three types of puzzles in any order you like. 

Let's start with the Glyphs Hunt! You will need Sqweeky and his powerful magnifying lens to get out of this pickle. Scan the entire image and look for the alien Cybertronian glyphs. You will need all fifteen words of the message before you can translate them and decipher the message. Look carefully!

Use your mouse to check every corner of the message. Click when you think you have found something of interest, then highlight the entire word to uncover it. 

Beware! Did you know that the Decepticons have intercepted the messages? You need to watch out for their red icons unless you want to lose the game and start over! 

Now you know that all the Autobots need to assemble and find an ancient Artifact to save Cybertron! However, there are still many details left to discover. Can you uncover them all and decipher this mystery?

Travel to a distant world and uncover ancient symbols!

Are you ready to learn more about the Transformer's home planet? You will need to rearrange the image and find out more about this distant planet. Yet, you will also need to unveil the face of Optimus Prime!

How do you do that? Simple! Use your mouse to click on a piece of the message. This will move it to an empty space in the vicinity. Carefully rearrange all the 8 pieces in the correct order to uncover the hidden pictures! 

Let's move on to the final mission! The clues you have gathered so far lead you to a top-secret government building. Can you believe that they have been tracking every move of the Transformers? They have even photographed the sights of some of the most dangerous battles between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Your job is to study these scenes carefully for hidden alien symbols. They might be quite hard to spot at first. However, if you look close enough, you are bound to find them! Simply click on any areas of interest. 

Now that your mission brief is complete, you are ready to aid Optimus Prime in his mission to bring balance to the Universe! The Autobots couldn't have done it without you!