Devastator's Demise

You need to try the Devastator's Demise game if you are a true Transformers fan! Are you skilled enough to defeat one of the Autobots' greatest enemies?

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With the Devastator's Demise game, you get the chance to face one of the most feared creatures in the Universe! Any fan of the Transformers series knows that these extraterrestrial robots can combine into magnificent and dangerous structures. However, not all combinations are successful or stable! Have you met Devastator? 

This hybrid is made out of up to nine different Constructions. As you can imagine, it's quite challenging to balance all their personalities and abilities! Therefore, the Transformers are in great pain, tortured. What is the result? A menacing being, driven by rage and instinct alone. 

Now that you know all about the Devastator, are you ready to help destroy it? That's right! This dangerous creature aims to destroy Earth and everyone on it. Are you brave enough to support the Autobots destroy this evil contraption?

Pick out your hero and learn how to defeat the monster!

The very first step of the game is selecting the protagonist of this epic battle. Each one of them has pros and cons, so take a wise pick! 

Ironhide is a strong Autobot who has seen his fair share of battle. He is rather slow, but he makes up for it with his muscle! If you love a balance between speed and might, go for Optimus Prime and his impressive firepower! Finally, if you are a big fan of speed and stunts, you should choose Bumblebee!

Let's get this party started! With a beast as massive as Devastator, it's essential to hit strategically! Thankfully, this time, someone else has made the plan. You simply have to follow it!

Can you believe that the secret to the demise of Devastator lies within the buttons on your keyboard? Your mission is simple: use the Up, Down, Left, Right arrow keys, and the Space Bar. However, the catch is that you need to follow the on-screen orders precisely!

Taking down a beast is not as easy as it seems!

Watch out! The concept of the game requires you to pay close attention to everything going on on the screen. Do you have quick reflexes? I hope so because you are going to need them! Only the game knows what the right key combination is and when to use it.

Whenever you get the combo right, Devastator's health goes down, and you receive valuable Energon gems. If you miss, you will lose energy and get closer to the end of the game. Whenever the crystals run out, you need to start over!

Enjoy the soundtrack, drive through the breathtaking setting and enjoy the view, but don't get lost! Another proper way to gain Energon is to perform exciting stunts. The key combinations are more complicated, but the reward is higher, as well. Keep in mind that some Transformers are better for tricks than others! 

How much damage can you inflict on the Devastator before you run out of fuel? Your final score takes into account the number of successful hits, as well as how many stunts you have performed in a row. Don't be discouraged if you fail at first, just continue to train your reflexes!

Isn't it fun to channel the mighty powers of the Transformers?