Megatron Take Down

Play Transformers: Megatron Take Down game and lend Bumblebee a much-needed helping hand! Can you accomplish Optimus Prime's mission and save the city?

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Any fan of the Transformers will undoubtedly enjoy the Megatron Take Down game! The powerful leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, has an extraordinary mission in store for his most trusted lieutenant, Do you know who that is? I'm talking about Bumblebee, of course!

Even if he is not the most physically powerful Transformer, but he makes up for it with his great luck, determination, and bravery. He would give up his life to win the war against the menacing Decepticons! Do you care to join him and help him accomplish a crucial task? It's going to be extremely exciting! 

Take the monster down using just a jetpack and a blaster!

The game consists of an exciting chase that will keep you on your toes the whole time! Your mission is to control Bumblebee as he tries to deal as much damage as possible to his huge enemy, while also evading the wide variety of objects thrown towards you. Sounds pretty tricky, right?

Time to learn the controls and start playing! Can you believe that he can control the famous yellow legend with a simple click of your mouse? Move your cursor around the screen and watch Bumblebee follow! Press the left mouse button to fire his blaster towards the targets on Megatron's body. The straightforward gameplay will help you defeat the Decepticons!

Precision is everything in this exciting game! To bring Megatron's health bar down, you need to aim and shoot at specific parts of his body. Marks will appear over Megatron's weak spots to help you out. Make sure you shoot accurately, as any shots outside the target don't deal any damage! Pretty tricky, right?

Improve your aim and your strategy to defeat your enemy!

A steady shot is essential for success in Bumblebee's mission! You will find that in the beginning, the target areas are rather large and easy to hit. However, you will soon discover that things are not as easy as they first seem!

As the game progresses, you will find that the target moves to harder to reach places! Can you shoot at the hands of this colossal robot alien? They are quite difficult to target because they keep swinging around the scene!

Oh no! What was that? Megatron will throw whatever comes his way towards Bumblebee! Can you dodge cars, trucks, signs, and pipes? Each crash will make you lose important health points! The game ends whenever your health bar or the allotted time runs out. Can you defeat this menacing threat on time?

Now you have the opportunity to channel the powers of an awesome Transformer! Have you ever wished to play the role of Bumblebee and take down bad guys? What about Megatron, the Decepticon's most menacing warrior? Then this game was made for you! Stop hesitating and lend the Autobots a much needed helping hand!