Battle for the Matrix

The adventure has new limits in the Battle of the Matrix Game. Are you ready to enter a universe of fighting and competitions to be the supreme winner?

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About Battle for the Matrix Game

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Enter the universe of transformations in the new adventure of Battle for the Matrix game. Choose between Optimus Prime and Bumblebee so that you can defeat your enemies. You will need to destroy all the Decepticons to win the entire game!

The journey you are about to embark on is a dangerous one, and that is why your Transformers friends need your assistance. Help them by giving them your full interest, and become the winners of the game together. You will need to be very careful and pay great attention to the instructions of each and every level!

How to Play

The primary game objective is to help the Transformers kill their opponents, and collect as many points as possible. You can also collect alternate weapons, ammo, bonus points, and health along the way to increase the ability of your hero.

Use the Left and Right arrow keys to point the direction in which your character should go. Press the Up arrow to jump from a different platform to another. Also, if you want to use your left hand, press the A and D keys for movement, and the W key to jump. To aim and shoot your opponents, click your left mouse button.

Some special commands will be provided by the game. Press the Q key if you want to switch the weapon to the left, and the E key to change it to the right. The Z key is used to swing the weapon, and the C key is used to convert from one form to another.

Tips and Tricks

Pay close attention to the shining white cubes that you will find throughout your journey. They are health cubes and help you restore your energy. Also, the symbols of Transformers bring bonus points if collected. Depending on their color, the amount of points you can get varies. Weapons can be similarly upgraded with pickups.

In the game, there are a total of five levels, each containing three stages. Every level is a little bit different, so keep in mind that your attributes might vary, depending on the level.

For instance, during the second level, you should take into consideration that you have a time limit. For other levels, you will have to play while driving, fighting, or dodging enemies.  Every level has a particular code so that you can resume wherever you left off.

Gather your powers and be ready to embark on this exciting adventure in the Transformers Universe. Help them overcome challenging levels and collect as many points as possible to have a guaranteed win!